Why to Move to Virginia this February

Top Reasons to Move this February in Virginia

Richmond, Virginia, is where many have chosen to migrate to. And there are just as many people who live here but are moving elsewhere. Why are they moving? Due to the current real estate market, most people find that now is the time to sell if they want top dollar for their homes. It has been said that there is an average of 37% being paid over the asking price! That is huge for sellers.


What are the top reasons for moving this season to the Virginia area?


  1. You will find that since this is a seller market, you can get top dollar for your property. On the downside, be prepared to pay top dollar for whatever property you choose.
  2. February is not considered a popular month for moving; thus, you will find it easier to get the date that best fits your schedule.
  3. You will not have to worry about the heat when moving during this season! Be sure to wear light layers in case you get cold and then warm, so you always have a way to cool down or warm up.
  4. February is after significant holidays and before other holidays throughout the year. So, it could give you even more time to get your home set up without having to worry about guests for the holidays!


And of course, the only reason anyone should ever move is if they want to move or find that their families have expanded beyond what their old home can accommodate. If you are serious about moving this February, be sure that you call Dunmar Moving for a quote, to make this move stress-free!

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