Dunmar Moving Systems:  Freight Stock & Freight Delivery Solutions in Richmond, Virginia

Dunmar Moving Systems:  Freight Stock & Freight Delivery Solutions in Richmond and Surrounding Areas

Discover your freight stock options at Dunmar Moving Systems

Planning to move internationally? At Dunmar Moving Systems, one of the leading moving & storage companies in Virginia, we can handle all your residential and commercial moving requirements. Since the early 1970s, we have been proudly helping countless clients move their goods and belongings throughout the continental US, Commonwealth, and many other countries of the world. Our company provides an array of logistic services – from residential and commercial moving to various storage solutions and freight delivery options.

Our Freight Stock & Freight Delivery Services

When it comes to freight stock, there are a couple of options regarding how your cargo can be placed in storage & delivered.

Lift Van – This type of storing involves a wooden container typically utilized to store smaller quantities of household items and personal belongings. As lift vans are usually merged with other shipments inside a larger shipping container, they can take much longer to reach your destination than a sole-use purposed container.

Shipping container – A sole-use shipping container is the most common option for families moving abroad with all their possessions. Your household items will be packed, wrapped, secured, and stored directly into a shipping container. Once loaded, your shipping container will be sealed off with a high-security lock and transported by road to a seaport from where it can reach your destination.

Shipping containers typically come in two standardized sizes:

  • 20 foot containers (20ft x 8ft x 8.6ft) that hold up to 1,100 cubic feet inside.
  • 40 foot containers (40ft x 8ft x 8.6ft) that can internally store up to 2,200 cubic feet.

In addition to freight stock options, the main transportation solutions include:

Air freight – The fastest way you can ship your belongings is by opting for air freight. However, it is not the most affordable way. For this reason, many clients choose to go with air freight for shipping essential cargo while using ocean freight for moving cumbersome or non-essential objects.

Ocean freight – This is the most affordable option when moving overseas. Depending on the size of your household, all your belongings will be loaded onto a lift van or a shipping container, transported by road to the nearest port, and then loaded into a cargo ship bound to the port of destination. Once your goods are cleared by customs at the port of arrival, they will be transported by road to your new address.

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