Professional Furniture Delivery Has Its Benefits

Furniture Delivery In Richmond, VA and Surrounding Areas

Why risk your valuable furniture when you can use a professional furniture delivery service. Furniture Delivery in Richmond, VA

Have you been considering a professional furniture delivery service for the next time you plan to buy or move larger pieces of furniture? Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with having furniture shipped to you. Were parts missing, or was there damage? Whether you are a business moving your offices or a homeowner who has just made a significant purchase. No matter the reason, you need a team of highly skilled professional movers at your service.

The Benefits of Paying for Furniture Delivery

When you want to ensure your new furniture arrives in your home or office safely and undamaged, you need a furniture delivery service dedicated to making this happen. At Dunmar Moving and Storage, we have teams of specialists who have been trained in the latest furniture packing and moving techniques to ensure your purchases are protected from damage or loss.

For those who live in a small apartment or whose office is on any floor but the ground floor, moving large items of furniture can be tricky. There may be sharp corners to navigate, stairs to manage, perhaps existing furniture that must be navigated around. Our teams have the experience to handle all of these obstacles and more.

If your business is a furniture store, the last thing you want is for your showroom display to show signs of damage. The same applies to any furniture you supply for realtors who are staging a home for sale and anything you might need to place in our warehouse for storage. The best way to avoid this is to hire a team of experts each time you need to move your furniture.

Many furnishings must be assembled, and not all of them are easy to put together. Not only can our teams handle the delivery, but they can also save you time, effort, and stress of trying to figure out how to put it all together. Talk to your moving coordinator about our assembly services.

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