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Local Movers in Richmond, VA and Surrounding Areas for an Intrastate Move

While you may be tempted to make a DIY move because you are moving to a new home but not out of state, this is not always the best option. Packing, getting a moving truck, and wasting days attempting to complete the remaining tasks are all part of doing everything yourself. When you choose a team of local movers in Richmond, VA, you’re getting a professional crew and the moving services you require. Allowing Dunmar Moving Systems, one of Richmond’s top-rated moving companies, to handle the heavy lifting frees you to focus on utilities, cable, internet, and your forwarding address.

local movers in Richmond, VA

We Offer a Comprehensive Selection of Moving and Storage Services

Many people believe that movers in Richmond, Virginia are prohibitively pricey. Dunmar has a wide range of moving services, allowing you to prepare ahead for your relocation. We provide full-service packing, which includes a team of experienced packers and everything they’ll need to pack your belongings.

You can either have professional packers handle only your most essential items or do your own packing. We sell everything you’ll need to pack and relocate your belongings. Our movers will carry your items safely and quickly to your new home, unload everything, assemble and install your furniture, and unpack your belongings if necessary.

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