Dunmar Offers Complete Cross Dock Delivery in Richmond, VA and Surrounding Areas

At Dunmar Moving Systems, our complete cross dock delivery ensures more speed and productivity for your supply chain in Richmond, VA.

In today’s world, the speed and productivity of your supply chain have a major impact on the growth of your business. Cross dock delivery, when implemented properly can be used to give your business the competitive edge your business needs to reach performance goals. Cross-docking can improve overall efficiency by reducing handling times.

Cross Docking Explained

Cross dock delivery if a freight logistics method of warehousing in which products coming in from the manufacturer or supplier are distributed to a retailer or customer with minimal handling or storage. In most instances, cross-docking takes place within a distribution facility in which one truck is on the inbound side and the other is parked at the outbound doors. The freight can then be moved directly from one truck to the other with minimal handling and storage.

In simpler terms, the inbound trucks park on one side of the building, while the outbound vehicle is sitting on the opposite side. As the inbound freight is unloaded, it can be moved directly into the outbound truck or separated and sorted to go in more than one truck with minimal storage time. Once the freight has been screened and sorted, it can be moved to the outbound side of the facility via forklift, pallet truck, conveyer belt, or any other means of transportation.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

There are several instances where a business might find cross dock delivery can work to their advantage, including:

  • Creating a central location where inbound freight can be sorted, making it possible to combine products that are similar in nature. Which, in turn, allows these products to be delivered far more quickly.
  • Cross-docking can also allow you to combine numerous small loads into one that can help speed delivery and reduce transportation costs.
  • It can make it possible for you to break down larger loads that can make it easier for them to be delivered to your customers.

If you are looking for someone who offers cross dock freight delivery, look no further than Dunmar Moving Systems. We provide our customers with a full line of cross docking services at competitive rates. Contact us at (804) 409-0790 and talk to our moving and storage experts about your needs today!

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