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Whether you are a business, having your office renovated or you’re moving your family into a new home that isn’t quite ready, you need somewhere to store everything. The one thing you will find is that there are hundreds of DIY self-storage units in town for you to choose from. But before you rush out and rent a moving truck, stop to consider the value of the goods you need to store. Can you afford for them to be in a leaky “garage-like” storage unit where the only thing protecting them is a padlock and a fiberglass door? At Dunmar Moving and Storage, we offer safe, secure warehouse storage solutions for both residential and commercial use. Warehouse Storage in Virginia - Dunmar Moving Systems

Professional Warehouse Storage Solutions

Your household goods are likely to be just about everything you own, replacing them due to theft or damage could be incredibly expensive. At the same time, if you lose your office equipment to water damage or theft could not only be extremely expensive, but it can also leave you unable to run your business until you can replace it all. The one thing you may not be able to replace is any files that might have been stored in your computer or IT servers.

No one can afford to have situations like this happen. When you choose warehouse storage from Dunmar Moving and Storage, we come to your home or office where we can help pack everything for you and load it all in the truck or if you’ve already packed load up and deliver everything to our secure warehouses where it will be protected from the elements and of course any risk of being stolen. When you are ready to have your goods delivered simply call us and we will deliver them to your location. We offer unpacking services and reassembly of furniture, computers, electronics, and IT servers.

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No matter why you need commercial storage, count on us to be there for you. We offer short and long-term storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Contact Dunmar Moving and Storage at (804) 409-0790 and let us take care of your storage needs.

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