Hosting a Backyard Gathering

Are you ready to get back into entertaining in your home? Most people are ready. However, for those who have recently moved, they are going to find that if they are ready to invite over friends and family, their backyard may need a little help. We talked previously about how to care for your backyard to make sure that it looks amazing, now we are going to look at what you need to do to make sure that you next backyard gathering is fun, safe and comfortable!

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  1. Have refreshments for your guests! Everyone will be outside to enjoy the backyard, so be sure that you have refreshments that are going to keep everyone happy. A tip: Go with foods that can easily be put onto a platter, rather than having to spend your time in the kitchen while everyone enjoys their time outside. Also, have a drink station on your back deck so everyone can get their own.
  2. Have a backyard essentials kit that is readily available for everyone. This kit should have bug repellent, sunscreen spray, hand sanitizer and even a pack of playing cards!
  3. Have seating for everyone that will be at your home. No one wants to spend hours on their feet. You can opt to purchase patio furniture that all matches, or you can even have a gathering where everyone needs to bring their own camping chair.
  4. Have some tiki torches set up or candles around. Not only are these going to help stop the bugs, but they are going to provide you with light once the sun starts to set.

Most importantly…relax. This may be you first real gathering at your home since the virus forced self-isolation. So, enjoy the time with your friends and family, don’t worry about making everything perfect, just have fun!

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