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In our modern business world, both seller and buyer rely on speed. From how fast a product can be manufactured or prepared for delivery to how fast it can be transferred to the buyer every hour counts. While speed is usually of the utmost importance, there are going to be times when there will be a little space between your cross-dock transfer. To help with this, Dunmar Moving and Storage offers short-term cross dock storage.

Understanding the Cross Dock Storage System

Cross-docking is exactly what it sounds like. One truck backs up to the unloading side of our warehouse facility while the other one backs up to the loading side. Your freight is then literally transferred from one truck the other for delivery. By using this system, you incur minimal handling and storage charges, helping to keep your overhead under control.

On the average day, everything will be set for you to transfer your goods to the delivery vehicle. But there are times when there will be a gap between when you drop off your goods and the carrier arrives to pick it up for delivery. At times like this, you don’t really need the hassle and expense of putting everything into our main storage facility. This can be time-consuming and you have to pay the cost of this type of storage. While we do have very competitive pricing, we also understand your need to watch your budget.

Cross-Dock Storage to the Rescue

To help keep your budget under control while still be able to help, we offer cross dock storage. This is intended to be very short-term storage for those times when delivery and pick-up can’t happen at quite the same time. It is more affordable and has your goods conveniently located for ease of access when the carrier arrives to pick them up.

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