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Both the vendor and the buyer rely on quickness in today’s business world. Each hour is critical, from when a product is created or prepared for delivery to the time it is handed to the buyer. While speed is typically paramount, there will be instances when a little gap exists between your cross-dock transfers. Dunmar Moving Systems may assist with this by providing cross dock storage temporarily. So put your trust in one of the top-rated storage companies in Richmond, VA.

Understanding Cross Dock Storage System

The term “cross docking” entails just what it implies. One vehicle reverses to the unloading side of our warehouse, while the other reverses to the loading side. Then, your stuff is shifted from one truck to the next in preparation for delivery. When you employ this technique, you pay very little for handling and storage, which helps keep your overhead low.


On a typical day, goods are prepared to be transported to the delivery van. However, there may be a delay between the time you drop off your products and when the carrier arrives to collect them for delivery. At this point, there is no reason to go through the inconvenience and expense of storing everything at our central storage facility. This can be time-consuming, and this form of storage is not free. While we offer low rates, we also recognize the value of budgeting.


Cross-Dock Storage Comes to the Rescue

We provide this type of storage to help you stay within your budget while still being able to help and be brief storage if delivery and pick-up cannot occur concurrently. It is less expensive and places your products conveniently for easy access when the carrier arrives to pick them up.

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