SMARTBOX Preferred Partner Storage Solutions

Dunmar Moving Services Offers a Range of Moving and Storage in Richmond, VA

When it comes to moving and storage in Richmond VA, you have a number of options. Let’s face it; no one likes having to move. It’s a major pain in the neck. But, for many of us, moving is going to happen at some point in time. But whether you are moving to a new home or renovating your old one, you may find there comes a time when you need to store some or all of your household goods. It might only be for a short period of time while you remodel a room, or you might need longer-term storage that includes delivering your possessions to your new home. At Dunmar, we have partnered with Smartbox to be able to offer a new way of storing and moving your possessions.

As part of the moving and storage process in Richmond, VA Smartbox offers several different sizes of storage container for which you can choose. You can use the storage containers for local or long-distance moves, even across the country. All you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us what size Smartbox container you need, how many of them you need, and when you need them delivered. Ordering them early gives you plenty of time to carefully pack everything in them carefully and securely to ensure it all makes the move successfully. Each container can be locked to keep your property secure.

Time to Deliver

When your container(s) is full, a second phone call can arrange for it to be picked up and stored in our climate-controlled, secure storage facility until you are ready for it. Thanks to the temperature and humidity controls, you can store your valuables, paperwork, photographs, and furniture without fear of it molding, succumbing to mildew, or dry rotting. Once you are ready for us to deliver your storage containers, our teams know the area they will be delivering in and any special considerations they need to be aware of with regard to any effect they might have on dropping off or picking up your storage containers.

Smartbox storage containers sit at ground level and have wide doors to make loading and unloading your possessions as easy as possible. If you would like more information on Smartbox containers, please contact Dunmar Moving and Storage, we are your experts in moving and storage in Richmond, VA. Call us today for your free estimate!