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SMARTBOX’s Temporary Storage Solutions for College Students

dunmar moving systems richmond vaOften times, college students do not know what to do with their belongings during summer break and need a place for storing furniture. Fortunately, Smartbox can help with our unique temporary storage solution. Our temporary storage solution involves a container that a student can pack up and store in a climate-controlled storage facility over the summer.

They won’t have to worry about what to do with their mini fridge, futon, and microwave over the summer months. Smartbox gives college students the opportunity to focus on studying for exams, finalizing their summer internship plans, and taking care of more important aspects of their life than trying to determine where they will be storing furniture.

Here’s a brief overview of how the Smartbox process works for college students:

Step 1: The Smartbox storage container will be directly delivered to a student’s residence hall or at a nearby staging area that their school has determined. Students who would like packing supplies can order them when they schedule their storage container delivery.

Step 2: Fortunately, Smartbox storage containers typically stay on college campuses for an entire week, giving college students ample time to load their packed belongings into them. It’s important to note that students will need a standard padlock to keep their items safe and sound. Padlocks can be ordered when a storage container delivery is scheduled.

Step 3: Once a student has finished packing their Smartbox, they can contact us so that we know to pick it up and store it on our climate controlled storage facility. The Smartbox can be kept in the storage facility for the summer or for a longer period of time for additional monthly fees.

Step 4: When a student needs the belongings in their Smartbox again, they can simply give us a call and we’ll deliver it to their residence hall. If they are moving off campus, there will be an additional fee.

As you can see, Smartbox is an ideal solution for a college student seeking affordable and convenient ways to store their belongings over the summer. To learn more about this one-of-a-kind storage temporary storage solution, we encourage you to contact Dumar Moving today.