At Dunmar Moving and Storage Offers a Range of Office Storage Options

If there is one thing that any office manager needs more than just about anything else, it has to be more storage space. When you stop to think about how much paperwork needs to be kept for both business and tax purposes and for how long much of it has to be stored, it’s no wonder it overflows everywhere. At Dunmar Moving and Storage we offer a range of office storage solutions to help you deal with your excess. One of our most popular storage options is the Smartbox storage locker.

The Smartbox Office Storage Option

What are you supposed to do when every inch of storage space (including the bathroom and janitorial closet) are overflowing with document storage boxes, and the paperwork is still piling up? You could drive over to the other side of town to a rented storage unit. But you could end up paying for space you aren’t using, and there is the time you have to waste driving around.

With the Smartbox, we bring your extra office storage to you when you need it. Each Smartbox measures 8’x7’x5′ and can be set in the parking lot outside your office or if you have room, right next to your door. Once delivered, you can take as much time as you need to pack it very carefully with everything you need to store from tax documents to spare office equipment or anything else you don’t have room for in your office.

If there isn’t enough room in one container, we can bring you as many as you need. Each unit is fully weatherproof to ensure that no matter what you need to store, it will remain safe and dry until you need it. The Smartbox units are ventilated to prevent humidity from building up inside and damaging anything you have stored inside. The also feature full-width doors for ease of loading and unloading, unlike many other similar storage unit systems.

No matter what your office storage needs are, Dunmar Moving and Storage has options to meet your needs. We offer on-site Smartbox storage as well as climate-controlled secure storage. For more information contact us at (804) 409-0790 and let’s discuss your storage needs in person today!