SMARTBOX is the Smart Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk and Blacksburg Self Storage Solution for Winter

Winter means many things to many people, but the one thing it means to most of us is time to put away the pool toys, cleaning supplies, garden hoses, yard furniture, and many other items you are not going to need for a few months. One way to find the extra storage room you need is to rent Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk or Blacksburg self storage. Storage lockers are have become the way in which America stores its excess. But what if you don’t want to have to drive to a storage unit every time you need something?

Enter the SMARTBOX

When your garage is full, and you need more storage, SMARTBOX is the perfect solution. At Dunmar Moving and Storage, we offer those who live in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk and Blacksburg self storage with a twist. All you have to do is decide how many of the 8’x7’x5′ storage containers you need for your winter storage needs. Call us, and we will deliver them directly to your home or business.

You are under no time constraints, take your time, pack the unit carefully with everything you need to store and contact us for pick up. We send a truck with a team of professionals to your home to pick up the SMARTBOX units. From here we can either take your belongings back to our secure storage facility or directly to your new home if you are moving.

This is the perfect way to store your summer outdoor items safely, securely, and out of the weather until spring when they are needed again. You only pay for the months you need the unit rather than wasting money paying for a storage unit you aren’t even using. Plus, you can always add another unit should the need arise.

Weatherproof Storage

Each SMARTBOX container has been designed to be fully weatherproof and is covered with a waterproof canvas material to protect your goods against rain and snow. They are ventilated to prevent the buildup of humidity that can cause serious damage to your belongings. These storage units feature a wide door designed to make loading and unloading them much easier than some of the portable units on the market.

No matter what your schedule looks like, if you are interested in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk or Blacksburg, self storage , you need to contact Dunmar Moving and Storage at (804) 409-0790 or  1-87-SMARTBOX . We can deliver and pick up your SMARTBOX around your schedule and offer fully secure and climate-controlled storage for your units as needed.