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Looking for the Latest in Smartbox Moving Services – Dunmar Can Help

Smartbox moving containers have become a very popular service here at Dunmar Moving and Storage

Moving can be stressful enough when the house you are moving into is ready for you. But what are you supposed to do when your new house isn’t quite ready, and you’ve sold your current home? You can’t keep the new owners waiting; they won’t wait forever. Here at Dunmar, we offer the latest in Smartbox moving and storage that is perfect for situations just like this.

What if your new home isn’t as big as your old one and you need a storage option that is safe and secure for the excess? This is where Smartbox moving and storage comes in. We can deliver one or more Smartbox containers to your current home (they measure 8′ x 5′ x 7′ and are designed to protect your property from the elements while being designed to lock in order to keep your possessions perfectly safe until they can be delivered to your new home.

Once each of the Smartbox units has been filled, you call us, and we come to retrieve it and place it in our secure storage facility. You can keep the units at your home for as long as needed, you only pay for the months of use, whether the unit is in your driveway or our storage facility. The units are fully weatherproof; you never have to worry if it rains or snows, your belongings won’t get wet.  At the same time, the units are ventilated to reduce interior humidity levels, further keeping your property dry.

When your new home is ready for you, call us, and we will deliver your Smartbox moving containers to you. Take your time unloading them as there aren’t any specific “return by” timelines. After the units are empty, all you have to do is pick up the phone, give us a call, and we will remove them from your driveway.

For more information on Smartbox moving containers and superior moving services, contact Dunmar Moving and Storage at (804) 409-0790. We can help you with a vast range of moving services.