Before the Movers Arrive

  • man packing booksSeparate items that you wish to take with you while your goods are in transit
  • Compile items that you will need immediately upon delivery for example bed sheets, pots and pan, this way either packers or the driver can mark then as “open first boxes”
  • We suggest that you always have your cell phone available and active during the move if your numbers change or if there is a better means of communication please let us know. This is to keep you informed during the move.
  • Grills, trash cans, tools and lawn equipment should be cleaned prior to loading
  • Lawn mowers and power equipment should be drained of any gas before crews arrive
  • If we are shipping your vehicle(s) please make sure it has less than ¼ of gas and that any personal and loose items have been removed from the interior
  • If you have an items in an attic there must be solid stairs, adequate lighting and be fully floored in order for the mover to remove items. If your attic does not meet those requirements then it is the customer responsibility to remove all items.